Fugee's Black- Pèp La Pap Pran Sa - Kanaval 2016

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Here is Fugee's Black- Pèp La Pap Pran Sa - Kanaval 2016

Trinidad and Tobago: The spirit of the Caribbean is celebrated here with steel bands, calypso, soca, limbo and a whole lot of rum. About 300,000 spectators gather each year in Queens Park and the national stadium. Its best attraction is its "Steelpan band competition". Thousands of people join in masquerade balls, costumed street parades and concerts featuring calypso and Steelpan music.

Carnival of Venice, Italy: It is the oldest of these celebrations, dating back to at least 1268. Thousands attend public and private events and parties. Venice Carnival is one of Europe's most extravagant, elegant events. The unique feature of Venice carnival is the extensive use of masks. People with different occupations wear different masks.

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