Carnival's Good-Time Jesters King Posse


During the three days of Carnival the jostling crowds know all the words and dance moves to Carnival songs. And it doesn't matter if the band's music is less than acceptable, they'll dance to it as if it were Tabou Combo playing for them.

A walk back into the memory lane
King Possee Music

At the top of the list of music that is so bad, it's good, is King Posse, an utterly infectious and rollicking group. Fans give three reasons they love King Posse. Number one, their lyrics are inane. But do fans care? The lyrics are catchy and danceable. Two, they lyrics are nonsense (which goes back to reason number one), which means they induce fun. Three, King Posse leads their fans through silly dance moves. But are the fans concerned they look foolish? They're having too good a time.

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