Gazzman Color Fights for Survival in Music Industry

Gazzman Color (GC) is suffering from reduced sales of their CDs, resulting from a drop in their popularity. The fall-off in sales can be partly attributed to hackers and music pirates stealing their music and offering it online to fans for free. This is not a new phenomenon, having gone on for years throughout the music industry world-wide. Music pirates have also been opening pop-up stores, where fans can get a hold of their favorite artists' releases for next to nothing.


Other problems surfacing regarding GC's growing unpopularity include being accused of sabotaging other groups to get a bigger share of the music market. It has been alleged a fire that broke out at Green Night Club, where Orchestre Septentrional was playing, was the work of GC. It has gotten so bands refuse to share a bill with GC. Recently a Miami group refused a contract when they found GC was booked at the same venue.

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Gazzman Poukisa Video

The band's manager has been exposed as not paying money owed to musicians and promoters. This has put GC's leader, Peter, in an untenable position. He must now pull out all the stops to redeem the band's reputation and increase record sales. As part of a strategy to promote the band, he has made a demo record and sent it out to radio DJs.

GC will continue to honor performing commitments at home and abroad. Support GC by purchasing their music available at local Haitian music outlets.

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