Belo Sings of Social Concerns to Make a Better World


Here is the Music Video:
BélO - Istwa dwol Music Video

Encouraged by family and friends, Belo founded the Mega Boys, which did not achieve the success hoped for. Three years later in 1997 record producer, Fabrice Rouzier, entered his life and shaped Belo's talent, having him learn bass and guitar.

Belo knew he needed a backup plan as he wasn't sure he would make it big in the music industry. He ended up studying at university, earning an accounting degree. With a second fall-back career, he took the plunge as a musician and recorded his debut album in 2005, Lakou trankil. The album took off, and was a big hit at home and abroad, an infectious blend of Caribbean, jazz, and reggae stylings. His second release, Reference, added a pop sound to the roots music he was becoming known for.

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