Shleu Shleu Saxophonist Tony Moise, a Death too Soon


He began as a guitarist but eventually turned to the saxophone, which he mastered quickly, perfecting the laid-back and sensual style he became noted for. It took five years for the members of Manfoubins to win over the hearts of music lovers with the new genre, mini-jazz. In a later incarnation the band played under the name of Shleu-Shleu, today known as Ska-Shah.

Music Video:
Shleu Shleu Ke Map Kimbe Tony, Edouard, Bebe, Peddy, Leon, Renan

While band members in Manfoubins came and went, Moise remained an admired and respected musician, who had become the face of the new music, mini-jazz. Mini-jazz groups were so-called because they were composed of far fewer musicians than old-school groups, a minimum of 15 members.

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