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Sweet Mickey, Jonal Katre, Kanaval 2017

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Here is the Video from Sweet Mickey in Jonal Katre, Kanaval 2017. I assume this is the official Video for Sweet Mickey. What do you think about it? Express yourself

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Ti craxkhead met ap sal derriere li lan savann lan ap derespecter moun...ap passer pep la lan betize...lan ap gin poul payer la consequence de son inconsequence kanminm ...kounie la kote gros toro ...gros commandant guy philippe pat respecter aucun moun serieux...moun honnete lan pays a....nesly lucien...evens ka ba nouvelle guy philippe kounie la....ti simone crackhead ap payer tout tintinnade li yo

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Subject: Sweet Mickey, Jonal Katre, Kanaval 2017 edit

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