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Djakout 1, T-Vice, Carimi not in Labor Day West Indian Parade, Eastern Parkway

The West Indian Carnival, known as the Labor Day Parade, which is held in Crown Heights, Brooklyn every year, is a fun-filled, well-highlighted stage showcasing the wealth of musical genres, interesting sounds and pure talent from Caribbean and South American bands. Each year, dozens of musical acts flock to the carnival that attracts millions and, this year, Haiti's presence was resoundingly hollow, an eventuality, which was foreshadowed after last year's already emaciated Haitian showing.

The festival goers go every year primed to see diverse musical styles coming out of different countries and, since the popularity of the festival has grown so tremendously from its beginnings as a gathering of Caribbean artists, organized by the committee started by Mrs. Jessie Waddell Compton and housed in various enclosed spaces including the Savoy, the lack of any Haitian acts promoting Konpa and other popular forms of Haitian music is a lack the country's music industry can ill afford.

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Wyclef Jean, Cool Tough-Guy Persona

Wyclef Jean, a Kompa musician, has a new video out called "Bagay Nef". It's a high-octane performance he gives, surrounded by a party of undulating Haitians, of different generations.

Jean is typically hip-hop, sporting dark shades and an aggressive attitude. He leads the dancers in a feverish display of non-stop partying dance moves.

Fans rave about the beat. They beat is everything they say, when speaking about Jean's music. Without the beat, it is not Jean's music.

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Tabou Combo, still strong after all these years - Feat. Michel Martellyce

On 19th of July 2013, Big Night hosted the kings of konpa Tabou combo. This legendary band was celebrating 45 years of offering top Haitian music. Also in the house was DJ Mack of There was a special treat in the gallery featuring some of the best photographs Luis Olazabal has taken during the first two years of big night in Little Haiti.

This was an opportunity to re-live a magic night with photos. The night also featured delicious kreyol cuisine from Leela's Lakay, at the bar was an ice-cold prestige beer, and more. The Positive Impact Foundation and kose Famn sponsored the kid's hand-on art activities. The Little Haiti Cultural centre hosts the big Night in Little Haiti every 3rd Friday, free.

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Klass of Richie, the top Compas Music band of today

During early 2000, some compas bands such as T-vice, Carimi, Zeglen and Top vice, toured the French Antilles as usual with great success. With the formation of the group Klass of Richie, a new generation is taking over

The Evolution of Compas:
The compas' fine guitar line with the chorus and other synthesizer effects is being heard now in the lighter French Antilles compas. For example, French Antilles singer Tanya St. Val who has collaborated with many great Haitian compas artists like Dadou Pasket, Alan Cavefrom the great Magnum band, etc. is very close to this style. The magnificence of this is that these compas lands influence one another with nice chorus, female voices, and guitar lines; within the team up of the conga-drum-cowbell.

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Some beautiful music videos from Djakout Mizik number 1

The bands Djakout Mizik and Djakout #1 were one number prior to 2010 when a division, into two separate units, was established and the new band adopted the latter name. Before the schism, their success as a Haitian Compas band came on the merit of their slow style of jazz influenced Compas and brought them the distinction of performing with an international Haitian superstar.

They started out in 1986 and, while the band members have changed, with over twenty members, past and present to date, the music never stopped. The band is well known for their songs, Septieme Ciel, Biznis Pam and Naje Pou Souti and for albums such as, Dedouble, La Familia and Jistis.

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Michel Martelly Live performance with Tabou Combo as well as Julio Iglesias

Here is the group Tabou Combo Feat. Michel Martelly in the song Yo. Being president will not stop President Michel martelly from performing as a musician. At least this is what he has been demonstrated recently. He has conducted many shows recently.

Haiti's singer-turned-president recently performed for a rare concert. He performed under his old stage name of "Sweet Micky" as he celebrates 25 years as an entertainer. The proceeds for the show which was not revealed in term of amount is to go to the Rose and White Foundation, a charity organization that presidentand his wife runs.

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Etienne Charles Brilliant New Face in Jazz

Jazz Trumpet Master Etienne Charles

Jazz artist and trumpet player, Etienne Charles, is a bright light on the jazz scene. In his 20s, he has already issued three CDs to critical and popular acclaim under his label, Shock Music. His ancestry is a mix of cross-cultural influences that inform his music: French Caribbean, Spanish, African, and Venezuelan.

Charles uses his ethnic origins, blending Caribbean, African, and Haitian styles. He has also been exposed to Motown and R & B music through his parents. His new release, Créole Soul, is a jazz interpretation of all these genres. But at the core of it is a Créole sensibility.

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Gashford Guillaume and the Afro-Haitian jazz band, Mozayik, summer's Jazz Up in Stamford

Gashford Guillaume, founding member of Mozayik

The bank Mozayik, a name that is the Creole spelling for the word mosaic, is as infused and made up of seemingly discordant elements in the Afro-Haitian jazz they perform, as the name would suggest. The band and their sound came into being through regularly held jam sessions where Gashford Guillaume and Eddy Bourjolly took to experimenting with mixing Creole and Haitian sounds with other musical influences. The result was a music that has been described as taking jazz today in the same direction as did Dizzy Gillespie in the '40's.Today, their hard work, and a little bit of fate have propelled them to their most propitious height to date.

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Tropicana D'Haiti a Classic Compas Big Band


Haitian Big Band group, Tropicana d'Haiti, boasts a lineup of 20 ace musicians. Big Band music became popular in the States in the 1940s, and Haiti imported the genre during the 1960s. Of note is the fact TOH was part of the development of Compás that began in the 50s. The instrumentation of the group comprises piano, congas, drums, and guitar. The players are known for their high level of musicianship.

Orchestre tropicana d'haiti - VARIETE - les gens du nord

Tropicana D'Haiti got its name from a popular Cuban night-spot ex-patriates frequented. As such, the music derives from Cuban roots music pachanga, salsa, and meringue.

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Sweet Micky is back - Sak Pa Konnen Micky Min Micky......

Michel Martelly AKA Sweet Micky Being Bad

Forget about President Michel Martelly for a moment. The president of Haiti will be absent this Saturday, August 10, 2013. However, Sweet Micky will be there for one night to celebrate his 25 years as an entertainer.

According to some reliable sources, the Haitian singer turned President is scheduled to perform on the stage Saturday for a rare concert. This is to be done as fundraising with all proceeds for the private show to go to the Rose and White Foundation that the president runs with his wife, Sophia.

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