Se Bon by Riva Nyri Precil

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Here is a famous music video by Riva Nyri Precil. It is from her debut solo album titled "Pearl Of Culture". This album was produced in cooperation with Fanm Djanm.

"Se Bon" is the first song from the album of Riva Nyri Précil's "Perle De Culture" (Cultured Pearl) released in early 2015. Précil is a singer, dancer, artist and a resident of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She was born in Brooklyn, moved to Haiti when she was 5 years old and again moved back to Brooklyn when she was 15. In Brooklyn, she grew up in a community where Haitian Creole is frowned upon, and considered an informal street language-- a language of the poor people. But to Précil, it is the language of her heart. It is a part of the traditions, cultures, inspiration and aesthetics of Haiti which has always remained closed to her soul. She was a student of LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and secured a Bachelor in Music Therapy from Loyola University in New Orleans. "Se Bon" is a seamless fusion of Racine/Roots, Jazz, World Music and African tones. She has written an illustrated children's book in Creole language entitled, "Anaelle ak la Sirèn" (Anaelle and the Mermaid) where the Haitian children could relate themselves and learn about their culture."

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