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Here is the group dISIP and GAZZMAN COULEUR - HeartBreak.

Gazman is a native of Gonaïves. Since his childhood, Gazzman Couleur had a strong passion for football, but a knee injury pushed him to the microphone. When he migrated to the U.S along with his family during his teen, he started his career as a solo artist equipped only with his marvelous voice. His entry as a lead vocal singer was an instant success. He had taken part in many Konpa bands such as, Yeah bah, Zenglen Plus, D'Zine, and Nu Look. In 1992, he joined 'Yeah Bah' and the band released its only album titled "An nou fe'l a de". In 1994, he started performing with Zenglen Plus, which subsequently became D'Zine, and produced hits one after another like "Deal With It", "Apocalypse", "Lavi en exil", "Haiti", and "Saint-Jacques". However, due to D'Zine's internal conflict, Gazman united with Arly Larivière and together they formed Nu Look at 2000. In December 2013, the Haitian Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince slapped a fine of US$ 200,000 on Gazzman for abusing the name of 'dISIP'. His latest release from dISIP titled " Viktwa" includes 12 compositions such as, "Leader", "Poukisa", "Forever", "the Ban m Bagay", " Madan m mwen pa makes you good "," Emergency "," for better or for worse, "" Men Diferans the "" Sweet Love "," Ekilib "and" Judah ".

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