Alan Cave

Alan Cave Assaulted After Atlanta Performance, kicked several times

Alan Cave assaulted by HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil

This is what was reported to the "Haitian Joudalist", Alan Cave was assaulted by Carlito Corvil, a well known HMI Promoter after a performance in Atlenta. Alan was kicked several time after being pushed on the ground

According to his cousin and well known musician, Richard Cave, Alan Cave was upset because HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil had decided not to give him his full payment as promised after a performance . As a result, Alan pushed Carlito out of frustration. The HMI promoter then pushed Alan Cave to the point of causing him to fall on the floor. It was reported that while on the floor, Alan was kicked several times by Carlito's son.

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Alan Cave and his love for culture and music

Alan Cave, Son Of Syto Cave And Yanick Jean

Alan Cave is the lead and signer of Zin - Haitian group known for Zouk and Kompa music. Alan Cave, whose full name is Georges Alan Cave, is the son of Syto Cave and Yanick Jean. His father Syto Cave was a director, actor, novelist and playwright writer and often visited St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Canada and France for his work and Alan used to accompany him in his tours. Alan's mother Yanick Jean was also a novelist, poet, decorator and painter.

Alan Cave live at Moseley:

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Jim Rama and Patrick Andrey Zouk Music Favorites

Jim Rama and Patrick Andre together

Three genres dominate today's music scene in Haiti: Compás, Zouk, and Racine. Of them, Zouk best represents the cultural milieu that draws visitors to the island. Zouk music conjures up images of Haiti's pristine beaches, and its captivating aqua and aquamarine waters. The lightness and airiness of the trade winds infuses the island with a soft sensuality, and Zouk, which means Festival, is the prime exponent of Caribbean party life among young people.


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Alex Abellard - Musician

Haiti's Kompa is considered to be the country's national music genre and Alex Abellard plays this style of music. Also called Compas, the music genre that is often accompanied by dance has expanded its reach to the rest of the Caribbean, as well as in the United States, Canada, France, and Africa. It gave birth to numerous singers and bands in Haiti that have gained both national and international fame and have performed all around the world.

The band Zin is one of the new generations of Kompas musicians in Haiti. It was founded in the 1980s by musician Alex Abellard. Other Zin members, past and present, are Alan Cave, Carry Legagneur, Daphne Dary, Eddy Saint-Vil, Gaby Catin, Jack Barbot, Patrick Apollon, Romeo DeVolcy, Virginia Mahotiere, and many others. The group has since released about twenty albums and is known for the songs' "Chokola", "Pa Okipi Li", "Falling", "De la tete aux peids", and "Hasta La Vista".

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