Haiti Music Video

Orchestre Septentrional of Cap-Haitien

Septentrional Founded In 1948

Haiti is a place where one would find unique and irresistible music influenced by the country's rich culture. Orchestre Septentrional was one of those music bands who greatly made a mark to Haitians and gave rise to Haiti. This group of musicians is composed of thirteen members who are popularly known for their talent in using saxophones and trumpets in their music.

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New Haitian Kompa band in town, Watchout


I have the honor to introduce to you a new band in the Haitian Kompas industry. The name is "Watchout". I just discovered the new band and I think It started very well.

From the beginning, the thing that caught my attention is the style. I am a Kompas Music lover and I can say that I have a sense for good music and the ability to detect talent when they come across. I feel that this new music band has so much talent and their future is very promising.

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Haiti Queen of Hearts Misty Jean

The Picture of Misty Jean, Haitian singer

Former Haitian beauty queen and model, Misty Jean is an accomplished performing artist, a dancer and singer. At age three, her mother enrolled her at the Lynn W. Rouzier Institute of Dance, and by age seven she had started an amateur singing career. She pursued her passion to Anglade College, where as choir soloist, she achieved local fame.

Her career blossomed as she performed with well-known entertainers, starred in a mobile phone commercial, and won several beauty contests. From 2001 to 2003, Misty Jean won Miss West Indies, Miss de la Francophonie, and Miami Mardi Gras Queen of Carnival.

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A music video I want your opinion, Nuz in Don't Go

I have the pleasure to present to you a new Music video that was produced by the musical group. Nuz. This is one of the recently created Kompas band. The group has released a new music video that I would like to have your opinion on.

I do not want to say anything about either the song or the Music video. It is for you to judge and determine whether or not this is a great song

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Emeline Michel with new Music Video "Mesi Lavi"

Emeline Michel Best Haitian Album

The Haitian Diva Emeline Michel is back with a new music video titled "Mesi Lavi". This has been a great presentation and made with professionalism and quality. This new song in the music video was released with her latest music album "Quintessence".

I had the chance to listen to some of these songs in the new album and in my opinion they are just beautiful. With artist such as Emeline Michel one can only expect the very best and by listening to the songs in this album "Quintessence" and watching this latest video, she has done it once again.

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RAM Kanaval 2013 - Men Bwa'w

The 2013 Haiti national carnival in Cap-Haitian

Here is a musical band you will not be able to enjoy this year during the Carnival. The Haitian Rasin band Ram is not on the official list for the National Kanaval in Cap-Haitian.

Here is a tast of their Kanaval. Men Bwa'w (Haiti Kanaval 2013) - RAM.

The musical style of RAM is a combination of Vodou rhythms with rock and roll, blues, funk music, and riffs from The Clash.

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Djakput Number 1 - 2013 Kanaval - Official Video

2013 Hait Carnival in Cap-Haitian

This is it. The music video we haved been waiting for has finally arrived. Djakout Number One finally released their official Video of Kanaval 2013 "Kite Koken"

We have it for you to see and judge.

What do you think about the Mesic video of Djakout number One?

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Carimi Kanaval 2013 -Chimano Manay - Official Video

A 1952 image of Carnival in Cap-Haitian

The official video for the 2013 Kanaval of the group CaRiMi has been released. It is telling the story that you already heard in the music.

The competition between Carimi and Kreyol-La takes a new dimention. This is just a prelude of how competitive things will be in Cap-Haitian.

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Official Music Video - Aloral - Brothers Posse

Brothers Posse - and its Kanaval 2013

We have it my friend. The official Music Video of Brothers Possee is finally out and you are one of the first to see it right here.

This is so far the Kanaval that has created so much controversies in Haiti. I learned that because of this Kanaval "Aloral" Brothers Posse out of the list of the musical bands allowed to participate in the National Kanaval in Cap-Haitien. Obviously, the Government of Martelly-Lamoth did not think it is a good idea to let Brothers Posse to make things harder for them. However, pressures from a variety of sectors in the Haitian society was mounting against the government for that decision. Many members of the Haitian media had criticized the government for not allowing Brothers Posse who made a popular Kanaval this year to be excluded from the list.

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T-VICE - HAITI- KANAVAL 2013 - Lage Bonm Nan

2013 Hait Carnival in Cap-Haitian

The Carnival of T-Vice is finally here and it is hot. Here is Kanaval Lage Bonm Nan.

How should I say it: "Fanatik T-Vice yo Met beton an ki Rive

The new Kanaval from T-Vice is just in time for the the party this weekend in Jacmel. It is also the weekend for the Carnival in the city of Carrefour.

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