Haiti Music Video

Leila Chicot, forever a singer of talent

Leila Chicot is a zouk singer who was born on April 4, 1979, in Sarcelles at Val-d'Oise in France. Leila Chicot arrived in the French Antilles with her little sister Gaëlle, father and Guadeloupe Martinique mother when she was only three years old. Her modest family settled permanently in Guadeloupe after some initial back and forth among the sister islands. In 1998, Leila Chicot quitted her studies and choose to live with her passion--music. It is about two years before that, Leila had listened a radio advertisement about a singing contest organized by the home MORADISC discs where the winner would be offered to record an album.

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Sonia Dersion, ther Caribbean singer of passion

Sonia Dersion is a Caribbean singer who was born in 1971 at Point-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Sonia is also known as Nightingale of the 'Zouk World'. 'Zouk' is one form of popular music that combines Western and Caribbean elements with fast beats. Her first album "Tout va bien" released in 1997 was an instant hit with immediate sale of 100,000 numbers. In 2000, when her first single album "Natirel" reached the number one spot on 'NRJ Radio Antilles List' Sonia Dersion was awarded as the "Best Female Zouk Artist" at the Tropical Music Awards ceremony in Martinique.

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Nou Gen Fos - Haiti Coeur de Femme

Music Yole Derose

Here is something I think you will enjoy. The song "Nou gen fòs". This song is originated from the famous Haitian singer Martha Jean-Claude in her song: "Mwen gen fòs"

Thi song was performed by the group "Haïti Coeur de Femme" under the direction of the beautiful Yole Dérose. The costumes in this video were realized by Madeline Ledan

This song "Nou gen fòs" is scheduled to be released soon by the Production Yole Dérose

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It's Mardi Gras in Haiti, day of the Biggest Street Party

Mardi Gras in Haiti

It's Mardi Gras in Haiti, when Millions of Haitian Diasporas come to join the annual celebration. It is a time when everyone has the equal opportunity to have fun and enjoy. Haiti has a very rich multifarious cultural heritage with roots of French, Spanish, Taino and African traditions under influence of Caribbean practices. Haitians respect voodoo beliefs which although do not incorporate with the foreign tourists but they do come in Haiti during the carnivals to experience some of its practices. Every year, immediately following the New Year celebration, Haiti Carnival becomes the centre of attraction for peoples' existence-- a celebration of life, the festivities burst on to the streets of the Haitian towns.

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It's Lundi Gras in Haiti - Kanaval in Gonaives

Lundi Gras in Haiti

The President has displayed a special interest in the event unlike his predecessors. The focus of the event is primarily on the historic city itself. 'Gonaives' is a city in the western Haiti, was originally an Indian village called Gonaibo, now a commercial centre, a port and natural harbor on the fertile Artibonite Plain where the French captured Haitian national revolutionary hero François Dominique Toussaint Louverture in 1802.

Carimi KANAVAL 2014 - ft Mikaben "Eklate"

The city again came to the limelight within a short period in 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines announced Haiti's independence from France at the town's Place d'Armes on January 1, 1804. The most notable landmark of the city is the Musée du Centenaire, inaugurated in 1904 to commemorate country's first century of independence.

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Today is "Dimanche Gras'. Be safe during the Kanaval

Dimance Gras, in Haiti

Official launch of the National Carnival 2014, Dimanche Gras

Haiti is just about ready to start the carnival season. The cultural event, which takes the art of reveling to almost religious heights, will operate this year under the theme "Tet Kole Power Yon Ayiti Pi Djanm", translated to "Heads Together for a Stronger Haiti".

The announcement came at the official launch by the carnival committee held at the Ministry of Culture in the country's capital. The 2014 season, slated to run from March 2 to March 4 will continue the recent tradition of being hosted outside of Port-au-Prince. As such, this year's festival will carry marchers through the city of Gonaives.

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DISIP - Poukisa - Live at Deauville Beach Resort

Here is the group DISIP in Poukisa - Live @ Deauville Beach Resort.

After listening to this new song from the band, you will agree that DISP is still a leader in the Haitian Kompas Music.

Now all you have to do is enjoy

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Djakout #1, Kanaval 2014 in Video

Haiti Kanaval 2014

We have the honor to inform you that Djakout Number one has released its Video of its Kanaval 2014

Some how, both Djakout Number 1 and T-Vice have managed to release their Kanaval Meringue around the same time, as well as their Videos.

One element that was missing in previous Kanavals but present today is Tonton Bicha

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T-Vice - Kanaval 2014 in Video - SKANDAL

Haiti Kanaval 2014

The video is finally out. T-Vice - Kanaval 2014 - SKANDAL. The Musical group T-Vice. It ha proclamed itself to be "Met Beton-an". From what I see so far, this is a beautiful video realized by the group.

Mezanmi, pou Kose mwen tande nan Kanaval sa, Eske se vre?

Eske sa yo di de Pouchon-an se sa. Eske li bat Fanm anpil. Et shabbibbi. Eske yo divorsé ti Reji?

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Carnival of Jacmel 2014, "Pote Kole poun avanse", Sunday, Feb. 23

Haiti Kanaval 2014

Under the theme "Pote Kole pou n avanse", the 2014 edition of the Jacmel Carnival will take place on Sunday, February 23. The festivity, expected to be steeped in the rich culture of the country, will be an outdoor, day-long event that will have spectators thrilling to the sounds, smells, and sights that only Haiti can offer.

As said by the South-East's Office of Tourism consultant, Michaelle Craan, the festival will show Haiti's particular heritage, passed down from folklore through decades' worth of oral tradition. The event, a mainstream highlight of Haitian society, has been a customary rite that allows those who take part to feel part of something unifying and special.

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