Rassemble pou nou cherche yon solusion by Larose et Missile 727

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MUSIC VIDEO: Se pou nou Rasanble pou nou cherche yon solusion olye nap divise: by Larose et Missile 727.

Antoine Rossini Jean-Baptiste, born as Emmanuel Jean-Baptiste (born on June 1, 1953, in Gonaives, Haiti and died on May 13, 1985, in New York) was better known as Ti Manno. He was a talented, most loved Haitian singer, songwriter, producer, keyboard player, guitarist and percussionist. One of his great talents was that he could sing in any language without any problem. Ti Manno was the band leader while performing with his 'Gemini All stars' all through 1981 to 1985, till his death. Their released albums were: Gemini All Stars de Ti Manno; Exploitation Vol. 2 (both in 1981), Immoralité/An ba la caye; Gemini All Stars de Ti Manno (both in 1982), Gemini All Stars de Ti Manno (1984) and Bamboche Créole (1985).

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