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Pral gen yon kouri Music video

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Here is the video that says so much. Haiti Cherie - Pral gen yon kouri nan yon ti tan anko.

The Haitian history has described the politics of Haiti as conflicts among the strongmen to take over the charge of the government. It was during the later part of the twentieth century that normal political activities started to establish. A political protest is one kind of political activity which might include demonstrations, strikes and even violence to disrupt peace or stop usual businesses. The first ever protest in the history of Haiti was recorded with the "Rural Protest and Peasant Revolution during 1804 and 1869, a revolt of peasants against the elites.

Some of the recent big noteworthy protests in Haiti include the followings. They are mentioned here as per their news publication dates: (1) On May 25, 2011, many Haitians were enraged by the results of Haiti's troubled presidential election. They traded blows with U.N. peacekeepers, set barricades and put some political offices on fire. Some of the frustrated presidential candidates led a march through the Haitian capital; (2) On November 14, 2011, Haitians protested and demanded the departure of U.N Troops from Haiti that had helped to maintain law and order in Haiti since 2004

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