Harmonik - Illegal Music Video

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Here is the group Harmonik in their new Music Video Illegal.

Some Haitian TV networks decided not to air Harmonik's new video "Illegal" released in the early 2015, because they considered it is too revealing for the Haitian audience. 'Harmonik' is a team of six members Haitian Konpa band from Miami, Florida formed in 2008. The group made their debut in September 2008 with the album 'Jere'm'. Many TV viewers in Haiti were surprised by this announcement in March, 2015 because, with the banning of "Illegal", how could some Haitian TV networks still play the R-Rated movie "Original Sin (Peche Originel)" starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. It displays a lot of cleavage throughout, some sexual innuendo, several shots of a woman's bare breasts, some explicit sex talk, and some talk of visiting prostitutes who walk around topless. The fact is, Harmonik's "Illegal" video doesn't contain any nudity at all and over 10,000 viewers had watched it on YouTube within first five days of release.

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