Emeline Michel - Amandine Music Video

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No other music style can be as satisfying as these music. The videos are also master pieces Emeline Michel - Amandine Music Video - Don't you just love her. We Haitians are proud of her. She represents us all over the world. This is a product of Haiti

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Jorell says...

To make a comment like this you got to know something about music..

So the smart one can you tell me what kind of

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Manoucheka Surpris says...

it is so sad. you know, its people like you who mess up haiti.

you are a hater.

next time if you cant positively comment a beautiful artist like emeline michelle just shut your mouth and find something else to do. i am not saying you have to like her or her music; all im saying dont call her or any artist the word BS. making music is not an easy thing to takes a lot of hard working to accomplish what she has. instead give her some credit because you are nowhere near to be in her shoes.

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Carline says...

This video is one of my favorite, then, now n will be forever!! great

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Jean Kaz says...

Jean dit c'est de la bullshit ta musique Emeline

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Claudia says...

Emeline your my favorite i love ur music so so so much keep it up from

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