Master Dji - Manmzel

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All our music videos are for your enjoyment. Haitian Music, Caribbean music - Master Dji - Manmzel - Gymnasium Vincent,,Ruelle Romain,,Sa se sou Dome mwen te kon pote sa,nan championa inter-scolaire basketball,,Belle Epoque,,,Ampil securite,,only Police could carry a gun,,moun te respecte moun,,Enfin,,,the list goes on & on,,,

Video Comments (2)

Moise Zephirin says...

Vidéo sa pa fèt nan gymnasium rue romain li fèt nan gymnasium centre sportif de carrefour.

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Gedeon says...

Master Dji My Number 1 Haitian Raper Of All Time.
Matter Fact My Number Raper of All Time. Haitian For Life.

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