Jean Jean Roosevelt in support to Liliane Pierre Paul, "RESTE DEBOUT

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Here is Jean Jean Roosevelt in support to Liliane Pierre Paul, "RESTE DEBOUT.

Jean Jean Roosevelt is a born artist. He is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and percussionist. He is always very much socially engaged whose rich repertoire covers every important universal theme such as love, citizenship, perseverance, gender equity, solidarity, and environment. Recently, the artist has expressed his solidarity by paying tribute to the journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul in his newly released album called "Stay standing." He has requested the revered journalist continue her work without any change, because she is a role model in the society. The song goes like....."When his father talks about democracy, he cites Liliane's contribution and his mother understands Liliane as the ideal role model for his sister...."

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Jocelyn Wasembeck says...

I support Mrs Liliane I am a fan of her

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Cesar says...

This song really touches those that fighting for democracy in Haiti specially this song was dedicated to an idol as you, Lilianne.

The lyrics say it all don't give up and don't sell your soul to sweet Micky, the crack addicts.

Long live Lilianne Pierre Paul and long live all the journalists who are continuing fight for those who have no voice or say in Haiti.

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