Grangou Nan nan bouda'm Chime nan bouda'm, by Sweet Micky

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Here is the music video by Sweet Micky AKA Michel Martelly in - Dekole (Kanaval 2004) Grangou Nan nan bouda'm Chime nan bouda'm,

Sweet Micky Manipulated His Way into the Presidency

President Martelly began life in Port-au-Prince. He studied at the Haitian Military Academy and at a junior college in the U.S. Back in Haiti he became Sweet Micky. Affiliated with the Duvalier regime, he fled into exile when he appeared on a hit list. During 2010 he campaigned for president, manipulating his way into the third round. He won, taking office in 2011. Presently he rules with no parliament to answer to.

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Shime Leroy says...

ce con ca noune en bgeneral ye jan yo regler affaire payo different de jen yo regler pa noune

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