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RE: DJAKOUT Number 1 - HABITUDE Music Video
Disagree. More black love sensuality. » »
King Hu, 03/12/18 10:07 PM

RE: Tantan Feat Alan Cave - Pa Pale Pawol Sa
They duet singer they have to do more music » »
Johanne, 09/16/17 8:22 PM

RE: System Band Live At Moseley
boniface zebo google+...zb music inc haitian label...w.i.ouest THE HAITIAN-BAND...AT TOP...zb music inc /since 2004 » »
Boniface Zebo, 06/23/17 11:22 AM

Who Sings This ?
Hello all. I have a song. It's by a reggae band from Haiti. I love the song, but I have no idea who sings it. Tried Shazzam, Soundhound etc BLANK... » »
Marc Fournier, 04/17/17 10:01 PM

RE: Master Dji - Manmzel
Vidéo sa pa fèt nan gymnasium rue romain li fèt nan gymnasium centre sportif de carrefour. » »
Moise Zephirin, 03/31/17 9:27 PM

RE: Emeline Michel At The WhiteHouse For Caribbean-American Heritage
Mecene Laporte, 02/18/17 11:11 AM

RE: NU LOOK - Until When - Music Video
Toute poesie qui peut etre mise en chanson est un art mineure.... » »
Mecene Laporte, 02/18/17 10:58 AM

RE: Sweet Mickey, Jonal Katre, Kanaval 2017
Ti craxkhead met ap sal derriere li lan savann lan ap derespecter moun...ap passer pep la lan betize....lan ap gin poul payer... » »
Jacky Dessalines, 02/11/17 3:33 PM

RE: Sweet Micky - Michel Martelly - TI LI LI Live At Iguana Cafe
the sweet micky...on live...the king og kompa...zb music inc.../zb music inc/zb music inc haitian label » »
Boniface Zebo, 10/12/16 10:22 AM

RE: NU LOOK New Release - Rien Que Toi
Thanks for the display of video, and albums, but I cannot open them to see or to hear them. What should I do or where should I click. Thanks for... » »
Fred, 08/05/16 12:23 PM