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RE: Jean Jean Roosevelt in support to Liliane Pierre Paul, "RESTE DEBOUT

This song really touches those that fighting for democracy in Haiti specially this song was dedicated to an idol as you, Lilianne. The lyrics say it... more »

Re: Wyclef Wyclectic Jean - Nobel Peace Prize...

I must tell you that this man has it. more »

Re: Nomads & Nia - Toujou La / Kompa 2009 / Pierre...

This was really sweet. more »

Re: T-Vice - Kenbe Pantalon - Kanaval 2009

That is really cold to say that statement" Tout bagay nan peyi a bese et seul Djakout ki bese" It is good music but I have to tell you this... more »

Re: Djakout Mizik - Kanaval 2009...

Ithink you could call Djakout Djazz payi a. They well deserve this title. more »

tThank you This was one of my favorite

C'etait vraiment touche. Mais je me rappelle cette chanson etait l'une de mon prefere. Specially when I have to lie to my girlfriends. more »

Artist of the Year

I am expecting more of those music from Gazzman. This is touchy Mr. Pierre. I must tell Couleur you are the artist of the year 2008. Do not forget... more »

Marriage between Djakout anf T-Vice

This is how the haitian music supposed to be harmony not enemy. This is beautiful thing when the artists share the stage together. Hopefully we will... more »

Salvatore C'est maintenant ou jamais

This is the type of french songs that I grew with. This is remind me of the great Michel Sadou et Frederic Francois et les autres. We need great... more »

Model Komps video

This is a great hit and gentlemen you are young and energetic. Keep on playing good music. more »

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