The Biography of Djakout Mizik


It is however important to note that the first performance of Djakout Mizik on an American network Television was in 2007 and was the first performance with the famous Whyclef Jean. In fact, this performance set the stage for their subsequent performances in the later years. It also set the stage for their successes in music as the days went by. The group has recorded many hits including 'Septieme Ciel', 'Biznis Pam' and 'Naje Pou Souti' among others.

The group Djakout Mizik has not made many achievements without facing challenges in their musical career. In fact, they were shot on but fortunate enough, they escaped the attack without injuries. This incidence occurred in May 2006. In fact, they produced a hit song, Eskiv, which was about this incidence.

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