Djakout, a truly Number One Music Band in Haiti


Djakout Mizik is a Carrefour, Port-au-Prince based Compas band famous for their slow jazzy style of music. They have recorded some remarkable hits like Septieme Ciel, Biznis Pam and Naje Pou Souti. Djakout Mizik first appeared on the American Television Network with Wyclef Jean on MTV to perform on the New Year eve of 2007.

Watch Djakout #1 - Ma Seule Folie Music Video

Recently, on April 14, 2014, Kompa magazine visited the studio of Djakout Number One while they were working with four new songs for their next album. They had given the title of the songs to the Kompa representative but asked not to reveal them. However, under this condition of anonymity, it can be said that those songs were very much socially conscious lyrics based on very strong words--the subject matters of the songs were based on Justice, Prosperity or Fulfillment and Social ethics.

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