Haiti Music Video

Gazzman Disip Madanm Mwen

Hey guys, the new song from Gassman couleur has just been released the name is Madanm Mwen. Ah sa se yon mizik pou tande. Li bel

mwen pa konnin pou rou min mwen rinmin misic sa. misik la di: madanm mwen te met pa bon kitel-la, la fè mange la banm ti moco

Ou ka panse mizik sa pa gin fon, mwen panse ke mo yo bon. Pou mwen li vle "Commitments"

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Orchestre Septentrional- "Lanmou Eternel" New Music Video

Haitian Kompas Music

Mezanmi, Music video sa fek tombe. se Orchestre Septentrional ti fè you gro mizik Video ki rele "Lanmou Eternel". Lè ke mwen tande video sa, mwen pa te panse sete septan. Moun yo ap change still

Orchestre Septentrional- "Lanmou Eternel" New Music Video. This is one of the rare occasion where the group has produced a video at a professional level.

me video a. Pote atensyon nan misik sa. Ah papa, pa ka gin yonmoun ki pou di'm ke nou an afè ak gran moun ankor. konyè se la jenes

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NU LOOK, new music video,"What about Tomorrow"

He, Musik Video sa fek tombe. Apre yon bon tan, Arly Lariviere decide pou li voye yon music video. Li rele: "What about Tomorrow". Sa se yon music ofisyel de band la

Premye comenter myen tande se ke music video sa byen fet

E rou minm, sa ou panse de li

Tande li et pi di myen

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The Sensitive Sound of Olivier Duret

Olivier Duret, or Oli as he is also known, possesses intensity, tenderness, and passion as a singer. On his release, "Danre Ra", he limns the peaks and valleys of young love.

In the video, he plays a young solider whose first love finds him while he is on deployment. As the story unfolds, he feels sadness, frustration, and loneliness on his tour of duty.

He reaches out to his love at home, singing with sensitivity, a crescendo of feelings, expressing his eternal love for her, unfaltering and true.

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Coupe Cloue Jr., Like Father Like Son

Coupé Cloué was one of Kompa music's most original performers. A singer and guitarist, he pioneered a genre of Kompas he named Kompa Mamba. He pursued a classical music education and became a member of Ensemble Select.

He preached-sang with risqué references, and rose to global recognition in the late 70s. His enormous popularity earned him the title of King Coupé. He passed away in 1998 of diabetic complications.

Haiti's National Treasure Coupé Cloué

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Eunide Edouarin a Sassy Female Rapper

Eunide Edouarin is that rarity, a female Haitian rapper. In the music industry, in which rapping is considered a man's turf, Edouarin rebuffs that notion. In her music video, she grabs your attention and never lets go.

She performed with Mystik 703 until she went solo. She is currently recording her first CD, which will include a mix of genres to showcase her versatility as a singer. The media has called her the Queen of Haitian Rap.

Princess Eud Official Video " Yon Ti Logik "

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WANITO, the Haitian Bob Marley

Juanito, best known with his stage name WANTIO, was born in Jeremie, a city approximately 186 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince. This young talented Haitian artist (born on 21 April, 1988) is often described as the 'Voice of Haiti' and compared with Bob Marley. Bob or Nesta Robert Marley was a Jamaican singer and songwriter (6 February 1945 - 11 May 1981) who own many international fame by performing a series of 'Reggae albums'. 'Reggae' is a music genre developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s.


WANITO was raised by his mother but moved to Port-au-Prince for continuing his secondary studies. He was very shy initially but had strong determination to shape own dream into reality. In the beginning, he used to perform around his friends, students and family. Upon hearing WANITO's unique voice his peers encouraged him to take part in talent show contests. Although he could not go beyond the preliminary rounds but was never disheartened-- rather his spirit was ignited with zeal.

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Poet-Singer Jean Jean Roosevelt Wins Gold at La Francophonie Games

Jean Jean Roosevelt Nabs Gold Medal at La Francophonie Games

Haitian Jean Jean Roosevelt, representing his country at the 7th La Francophonie Games, took home the Gold Medal. The Games, which incorporate a music category alongside an athletic competition, is considered a respected event in the Francophone world.

Roosevelt competed against 18 other singers from around the world. The event's judges were stunned by the artistry Roosevelt displayed as he stood on stage, fingering his guitar with effortless dexterity and singing like a sensitive troubadour in the court of a French king.

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Legendary Magnum Band Represents the Best of Haitian Konpa Music

Magnum band is classic Konpa at its best. Dadou Pasquet founded the group in 1976, and they have released a string of chart toppers, including "Fierte", ":Pike Devan", and "Paka Pala".

Their music blends elements of Calypso and Afro-Cuban rhythms. A strong horn section, violins, guitars, and percussion round out their signature sound.

Dadou himself has been hailed as a virtuoso guitar player. Magnum has been a goodwill ambassador for Haiti for the last 25 years.

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The New Music Video Black LG NOLIMIT "AVEW MWEN VLE YE"

Here is a new music video that BLACK LG NOLIMIT created The song is Avew mwen Vle Ye. This is the latest music video of the group

Black LG Understands the Heart of a Woman in his newest video, "Avew Mwen Vle Ye", expresses the anguish of a love gone wrong:

I would never betray you, Jessica. You beauty haunts me; I remember all the special times and romantic moments we spent together. I will never give up loving you; I fear you'll find another. If I haven't told you how much I love you, let me repeat it until you come back to me.

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