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Jean Jean Roosevelt Gold Medalist in Nice

Haitian singer Jean Jean Roosevelt has won the Gold Medal at the Nice International Music Competition in France. His win has propelled him to international recognition. He has achieved success in Haiti with his hit "Donnez le Monde aux Femmes".

Upon his return, the media will be there to greet him and ply him with questions on his achievement. His public relations team is fielding requests for him to appear on radio and TV.

Jean Jean Roosevelt - Pourquoi ?

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The group ZIN - Live - Miami's Reunion

The Famous Haitian Kompa band is back. It has been performing in several place since their reunification. For the first time, you will have the opportunity to watch the new Zin live.

This is also an opportunity to rate the new band.

So what do you think?

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Spicy Zouk Singer Jocelyn Labylle

Jocelyne Labylle began life in Saint-Claude Guadeloupe in 1973. At age 19, she began her music career with Zouk group, Elodie, moving on to Zouk Orchestra in 1994.

As a solo performer, Jocelyn recorded "Quand tu Vieux" with Zouk musicians, releasing her first album, On Verra, shortly thereafter.

Her second album appeared in 2000, Ma Petite Lumière. In 2003, she released "Laisse Parler Les Gens", nominated for a music award. Her last album, Mour de Toi, was issued in 2012.

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Isnard Douby "Haiti Pa Jwen Kado"

Here is a song dedicated to all my friends who managed to put up with me for the past year. Please enjoy this beautiful song from Isnard Douby and the group System band "Haiti Pa Jwen Kado"

mezanmi, tonton Nwel pa pote kado pou mwen

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Vive Noel by Ekzotik

Here is a song dedicated to you specially for the Christmas season. It is the Official Video produced by Ekzotik - Vive Noel

Fete, bambile, celebre. Se yon seson pou tout moun kontan. retire tout chagrin nan ker ou

Joye Nwel

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Latest Music Video of J Perry, Bouje ft Admiral T

The new Haitian superstar has released his latest music video. J Perry is at it again and this time it is a new music video called Bouje ft Admiral T. You are going to be one of the first people to see this new music video.

Ti gason sa vini avek yon lot stil nan misik Ayisyen. Min sanble se yon stile ke anpil moun rinmin. Tande misik nana denye video sa. Di mwen si ou rinmin still J Perry a

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New Song from Gracia Delva - fo'n pale

The deputy has released a new song. Listen to Gracia Delva in this new song just released called fo'n pale. The song came out in December, 2013. You are the judge to evaluate the quality.

Ki sa ou panse de musik sa. Pou mwen li tres bon. Kompa a la, bel melodie.

me li. Koute li

Me kek lot bel musik ke artis l te fe

Disip Gazzman Live with Gracia Delva Marchand Dessalines

ZENGLEN (Gracia Delva) - 5 Kontinan (PAWOL)

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Wanito playing for Free at Big Night, Little Haiti, Miami

Wanito By His True Name Louis Pascal Juanitho Beaubrun

An opportunity of a lifetime to watch Wanito playing in Miami. Wanito, the talented young Haitian musician, is taking time off from is world tour to give this unique performance to the Haitian community in South Florida.

The event will be taking place at Little Haiti Cultural Center on December 20, 2013, from 8:00pm to 10:00. It is absolutely free of charge.

Manman passe pran Papa, Paran passe pran ti moun yo pou nou tout ale woue Wanito Kap depoze nan ti Ayiti nan mayami

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Vox Sambou a Role Model for Haitian Youth

Haitian-Canadian hip-hop artist, Vox Sambou, has issued his second solo CD Dyasporafriken, which means African Diaspora. He is on a quest to reclaim his African roots, and the CD's theme is built around his travels to Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

Vox Sambou is also an advocate for restoring dignity to speaking Haiti's native language, Créole. Several tracks on the CD are sung in Créole, along with English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Vox Sambou - Para mi

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T-Vice Long-Lasting Proponents of Konpas Music

Miami-based Haitian Konpas band, T-Vice, inherited its music legacy from Top Vice. Top Vice's Robert Martino, a guitarist legend, passed the baton to his two sons, Roberto and Reynaldo. The group began as a quartet with boyhood friends, James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau in 1991.

T-Vice transformed Konpas music, bringing new life to the genre with a lively dance beat. They used reggae, merengue, flamenco, and rock and roll influences to create an innovative brand of pop music. Massive international touring have made them the foremost exponents of Konpas music. Europe, the Caribbean, and the U.S. have been frequent destinations on their tour schedule.

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