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Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds, 1960-1978

Haitian culture has been developed over centuries collecting everything apposite from many traditions and cultures that ever came close to it. Their religion has drawn roots from Africa, Roman Catholicism, neighboring Caribbean countries and whatever they found they can adopt and use to create a vibrant rich civilization. Even Haitian music has numerous influences drawn from the people who have settled in this island. It reflects African, French rhythms, some Spanish elements and sometime it is performed in Taino and voodoo influence.

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Festival in Haiti

The art of storytelling has been one of the traditions passed on to Haitians from their African descendants. Its relevance in today's society is celebrated each year in the festival Kont anba tonèl, which was put on this year from March 25 to 29 for its fifth year.

This year, the flavor of Guadeloupe was featured with the invitation of M'Bitako, a prolific storyteller who captivated the crowd with an insight into the literary world of Guadeloupe. Also able to showcase their work were Chelson Ermoza and Staloff Tropfort, also known as "Estalove Wòklò" on the first night. The 25th also featured a performance from Dieuvela Etienne of "Symbi Roots" (ex-Rara fanm).

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The Music of Disip De Gazzman Couleur

The DISIP is a Miami based Konpa band founded by veteran musicians Gazzman Couleur & Gabriel Laporte. Gazzman Couleur is better known by his stage name Gasman Pierre. Before joining his music career as a Konpa vocalist, he was an actor, businessman and a soccer superstar. He had dreams to participate in the major soccer leagues but unfortunately, a knee injury shattered his dreams, however, fortunately for Konpa, he entered the Haitian music scene. His entry as a lead vocal singer was an instant success. He got the oportunity to take part in many Konpa bands such as, Yeabah, D-Zine, Zenglen Plus, and Nu Look and whether it is for his charisma or voice, Disip De Gazzman Couleur has the capacity to attract thousands of fans.

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Djakout, a truly Number One Music Band in Haiti

Djakout Mizik is a Carrefour, Port-au-Prince based Compas band famous for their slow jazzy style of music. They have recorded some remarkable hits like Septieme Ciel, Biznis Pam and Naje Pou Souti. Djakout Mizik first appeared on the American Television Network with Wyclef Jean on MTV to perform on the New Year eve of 2007.

Watch Djakout #1 - Ma Seule Folie Music Video

Recently, on April 14, 2014, Kompa magazine visited the studio of Djakout Number One while they were working with four new songs for their next album. They had given the title of the songs to the Kompa representative but asked not to reveal them. However, under this condition of anonymity, it can be said that those songs were very much socially conscious lyrics based on very strong words--the subject matters of the songs were based on Justice, Prosperity or Fulfillment and Social ethics.

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T-Vice, met beton-an

T-Vice is a Miami based Haitian Compas music band formed in 1991 by brothers Roberto and Reynaldo Martino when they were only 16 and 13 years respectively. T-Vice is famous for their energetic vibes and catchy lyrics. Roberto and Reynaldo are the sons of legendary Haitian guitarist Robert Martino of the classic Top Vice band, the predecessor of T-Vice. Their long time friends James Cardozo (Singer/vocals, Keytar) and Gerald Kebreau (Bass guitarist) soon joined them to form the group as a quartet. Although the Martino brothers were nurtured under the inspiration and musical influence of their legendary father, they always maintained the idea of creating a band of their own. Their group was further expanded in 2005 when four other performers Eddy Viau (Percussionist), Rivenson Louissaint (Drummer), Olivier Duret (co-singer) and Ricot Amazan (congas player) joined their group.

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The Singer & Keyboardist "Sweet Micky"

The Haitian President Michel Joseph Martelly is the son of a middle class petroleum plant supervisor who taught himself to play piano by ear. In his earlier part of life, for various reasons, Martelly, popularly known as Sweet Micky, has moved many times between Haiti and United States. When he returned home in 1987, he was an expert singer and keyboard player specializing in a particular Haitian music style "Compas". With his flamboyant stage personality and musical talent he became a popular musician, nicknamed "Sweet Micky" and quickly established himself as a star in Haiti.

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Jean Gesner Henry, Popularly Known As Coupe Cloue

Jean Gesner Henry (Coupe Cloue) (born 10 May, 1925, died 29 January, 1998), a Haitian musician, is remembered for his multifarious contributions in diverse fields of activities. He was a soccer player (defender at Aigles Noirs Club, Port-au-Prince), singer, bandleader, guitarist and most prominent musician who found much success in his country and West Africa. Jean Gesner Henry and Coupe Cloue defined a distinct style of Kompa Music which he named "Kompa Mamba". He was famous for his hilarious stories, racy monologue replete with bawdy innuendo that became his trademark.

Watch the Viseo: Coupé Cloué - Ti Bom

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Carimi and Izolan

Haitian 'Kompa' is an entertaining thing that if anyone once listens in open mind cannot ignore. The members of "Carimi Band" Carlo Viuex, Mickael Guirand, Richard Cave, Noldy Cadet, Glenny Benoit and others in the group have proved that 'Kompa' has the ability to conquer the hearts of every music lover in the world. 'Carimi' as the Top Haitian Kompa Band is popular not only in Haiti; it has owned the hearts of many music lovers in Guadalupe, Canada France, and many other parts of Europe. Today the combined talent of its present nine member's team is reigning YouTube, FM stations and Haitian Billboard chart.

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The Haitian Music Group Black Parent is just hot

"Black Parents" music band was not so successful at the beginning. They started performing in concerts and local night clubs in Montreal, Canada to make their presence remembering by popularizing the latest trend in Haitian music "Raggakonpa". The hard work of the musical group Black Parents did not went in vain, rewarded them very soon when success started coming on their ways from Miami, New York and Haiti. In 2001, they released 5 albums along with a new successful soundtrack "Sonia".

Black Parents " Ti Kow Bon " Music Video

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Arly Lariviere the superstar in Nu Look

Arly Lariviere is the maestro of the Haitian Kompa band Nu-look in Miami. The Nu Look Kompa band was created about 13 years ago when Arly Lariviere and Gazzman Couleur left Dzine to form Nu-Look Band. During their 13 years of existence, Nu-Look has taken place in the hearts of Kompa lovers with the production of 9 live albums and 6 studio albums of "live Kompa or "Kompa Direk" under the leadership of Arly Lariviere.

Nu Look - La Vie A Deux - Brand New Song

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