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Fabrice Rouzier, Mover and Shaker in Haitian Music Industry

Konpa musician, Fabrice Rouzier, was born in Port-au-Prince in 1967. At four years old, he began studying the piano, tutored by his Aunt Marguerite Borno. By the age of 17, he was a studio musician, working with the likes of Hans Peters, Bobby Denis, and Patrick Dejean. Two years later, he helped found Mizik Mizik. His track record of albums worked on has exceeded 300 so far in his career.

Part of a seminal movement, he became instrumental in cultivating Nouvelle Generation Konpa, helping such music artists as Emeline Michel, Belo, and Michel Martelly emerge onto the music scene. A potent music force, Rouzier also was the genius behind Haiti Troubadours CD compilation, which he recorded at the new Soleil Sound studio. Always looking for new musical horizons, he recorded balladeers Jude Jean and Tifane, helping to make their careers.

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Tabou Combo and World Creole Music Festival 2014

The World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) will be held in Roseau, Dominica's Windsor Park Stadium during October, 2014. The acts headlining the festival this year are Haiti's own Tabou Combo, along with Jah Cure of Jamaica. This is the 18th year the festival has been held and is considered one of the Caribbean region's annual premiere music events. The announcement of the festival's 2014 theme, "Creole Runs the Night" was made to the media on June 25th by Dominica's tourism department, Discover Dominica Authority.

Music Video from the group Tabou Combo:
Here is Tabou Combo Live

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Troubadour Music Group Boulpik performs in France and the Netherlands

The Group Boulpik has been performing in France and in the Netherlands for two weeks, from May 23 to June 8. A great number of concerts held in theaters, workshops, which took place in schools and outdoor festival performances were held during this period of time, together with "Musiques Métisses" and "Music Meeting" from the guest countries.

The public was absolutely captivated and encouraged to dance, joining the group in unison. They all seemed to clearly understand the group's message and synched with the trend of their music. The name "Boulpik" translates into "search for life". The group's philosophy is staying true to the roots, believing in one's own good fate and not being tempted to turn to pity and defeatism.

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Cecile McLorin Salvant, The First Time 2014 Grammy Nominee

Cecile McLorin Salvant was nominated as a first-time nominee in the Best Jazz Vocal album category for 2014 Grammy Awards. This is a Haitian-American artist who released an album, WomanChild, in May last year. This album was at number four on the Billboard's Jazz Albums chart.

The history of Cécile McLorin Salvant starts in Miami, Florida. She was born to a Haitian father and a French mother. Her music blood started early enough, at age five, when she started playing piano. She then went ahead to study singing at the age of eight, in the Miami Choral Society.

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Jimmy Danger Danger Returns to Disip

Conga player and head of his own record company, Audio Danger Records, Jimmy Danger, has had enormous success with two EPs, You Are Now Leaving the Future, and You Are Now Leaving the Future 2.

On Future 2, Danger performed with guest musicians, Saxxon, Balistik, T, and Dorian. But the group called Disip broke up for various reasons. Patrick Fabre, Disip's manager, announced on KE radio Jimmy Danger will rejoin Disip along with Sexy Beef.

The Music Video:
Jimmy Danger Anba 'm Yo Ye!

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Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival at the Little Haiti Cultural Center


I don't know if you had noticed, the Little Haiti area in Miami is getting more and more exciting. This coming weekend is yet another example as it is hosting the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival. The Haitian community has reclaimed Little Haiti.

Here is how to get to Little Haiti Cultural Center:

Performing at the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival will be some of the greatest names in Haitian as well as International Jazz, including: the United International Jazz Band with saxophonist Felipe Lamoglia, Brazilian singer Beatriz Malnic and Haitian jazz musicians Jowee Omicil, Jean Chardavoine and Harvel Nakundi.

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Jazz-Voodoo Fusion a Uniquely Haitian Product

Jacques Schwarz Bart, a jazz-voodoo saxophonist, has created a project he calls "Jazz Racine Haiti". His motivation was to uncover the roots of both jazz and voodoo. It is a little-known fact jazz has its source in Haitian voodoo, and now Bart has fused them and released his latest CD Sub Culture.

Performing live recently, Bart and his band introduced Jazz-Racine fusion. The basis of the Racinej format is to call forth spirits venerated in voodoo music. The group began with calling the spirit Legba, in the number "Ago eh". It segued into "Bade Zile", focused on a traditional theme. Another composition, "Vaudou Zepole" was made up of three parts: dialogue, harmony, and rhythm.

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Djakout Number One, New Music Video - Lod Nan Dezod

Here is the latest Music Video from the popular Haitian group Djakout Number One. It's called Lòd Nan Dezòd.

All I can say about this new song is that it was a professional video production and the group seems to be together after all these years.

However, I would like to address something that many of the Djakout fans are not addressing. Just like many others, I love the musical group and have been in love with them for years. However, I notice that although Djakout Number one is still popular among many Haitians, the band has not kept with the quality of its songs.

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Olivier Duret and His Music

Oliver Duret who was a T-Vice crooner for six years left T-Vice in October 2011 because he thought he would be more productive as a solo singer with his versatile capacity. The reason for his leaving T-Vice was just this, nothing more than that--there were no personal disrespect or any issues with song credits or monetary matters. While rejecting all rumors, he had said that "T-Vice is strictly a Compas band but I'm more versatile." T-Vice never made any official statement on his resignation. But on Facebook, their lead singer Roberto Marino did confirm that 'Oliver has made it clear in his statement that he wants to go solo.'

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Klass and its Maestro Richie

During the early 2000s, some Kompa bands such as CaRiMi, T-Vice, Top vice and Zeglen toured the French Antilles with great success. Konpa, Kompa or Compas has remained the traditional music closed to the hearts of many in the Caribbean for a long time. With the foundation of "Klass" by Jean H. Richard or maestro Richie in April 2012, a new generation took over the charge of reshaping Haitian Kompa genre. 'Klass' is an up-and-coming Haitian band which has brilliant lyrics, unique sound and devoted fan base. Their first album "Fe'l Vini Avan" immediately has put them in the musical map of Haiti, U.S.A and beyond. Their lyrics are so powerful where words fail and music speaks. Their following grows with every show they do.

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