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New Release from Daan Junior with Fabiola shyne in "Naturellement"

Daan Junior - Ma place Music Videol 2013

We have the honor to present to you two of the most recent Video clips of the singer Daan Junior. In both music videos, Daan has a beautiful girl to play the video with. Fabiola shyne feat Daan junior- "Naturellement". This clip was released this year, in 2013. The second Music video is another yet another Daan junior production released on May 18, 2013. He is his own manager.

Daan Junior - Ma place:

Watch some of the best music videos from Daan Junior

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Suzanna Lubrano's Lasting International Appeal

Zouk artist Suzanna Lubrano, barely out of her teens, came to the attention of the record-buying public when she began singing with Rabelados in 1996. Their first issue, Sukuro, began opening doors for Suzanna, who many record executives thought could have greater success as a solo artist.

She began releasing several singles during the latter half of the 90s and early 2000s. The music industry's faith in her talent and drawing appeal was affirmed in 2003 when she captured Best African Female Artist for the first time, winning the top honor again in the Online category in 2010.

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The group T-Vice and their New Music Album - "Resan"

Here is T-Vice in their latest music album, Resan

We have been waiting for a while for this album from the group T-Vice. Finally it is here with us. Here is your opportunity to listen to some of the most popular songs from the album so far.

List of the latest songs from T-Vice

Already, the critics have not been quiet.
I heard many of the songs that you are able to hear now from the album and I think the group deserves some encouragement for the efforts. There are some substance in the quality of the product just delivered.

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Ralph Conde, artist with multiple talents

Ralph Conde exposed to variety of guitar players

Ralph Condé, an artist with multiple talents, was born in 1969 in the state of New York and since the age of 16, he has been on the grand screen of music industry. However, his first ever association with music was at the age of 6 when he received his first guitar and ever since then, he perfected his skills and to gradually earn the reputation of being a great musician, a great writer, a great composer and a great vocalist. Today, Ralph is the owner of a recording studio located in Miami, Florida.

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IBO Combo Finds Success as Caribbean Sextet

Caribbean Sextet (CS), once known as IBO Combo (IC), came up during the mini-jazz music scene in Haiti in the mid- to late-sixties. They experienced early success with the Haitian Diaspora in the U.S. IC, wanting to connect with their growing fan base, moved to New York to compete for their share of recognition and record sales from the Diaspora. After a few years' fruitless efforts to crack the play-list formats that catered to newer Compás groups, and disappointing sales, they returned to Haiti. Back home they pursued solo efforts, or collaborated with other musicians. But by 1997 they re-formed, calling themselves Caribbean Sextet.

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Stevy Mahy, The singer with original beauty

Stevy Mahy Photo

Born in Paris, Stevy Mahy had a background of music since her childhood. Both of her parents were musicians. Stevy realized that MySpace could be the perfect outlet for music and she turned out to be right. She signed up with MySpace where she met Victor. Over a period of 6 months, during their communication through MySpace, Stevy and Victor came close to each other. Stevy asked Victor to perform live on a TV program and this further strengthened their relationship.

Stevy Mahy "Haiti Cherie" Live:

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Tifane Caribbean Goddess of World Beat and Zouk

The Sexy Tifane

Stephanie Sejour, whose stage name is Tifane, is the new millennium's foremost ambassador of World Beat Music. The World Beat genre, around since the mid-70s, expresses itself through rhythms of Central and South American countries, including the Caribbean.

Tifane latest hit, "Sekre a" is a Zouk-inspired piece of lightly-flavored percussion-guitar-keyboard-horn instrumentation. It is a song of community celebration, of pride and an evocation of Haitian, Caribbean culture.


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Jim Rama and Patrick Andrey Zouk Music Favorites

Jim Rama and Patrick Andre together

Three genres dominate today's music scene in Haiti: Compás, Zouk, and Racine. Of them, Zouk best represents the cultural milieu that draws visitors to the island. Zouk music conjures up images of Haiti's pristine beaches, and its captivating aqua and aquamarine waters. The lightness and airiness of the trade winds infuses the island with a soft sensuality, and Zouk, which means Festival, is the prime exponent of Caribbean party life among young people.


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Magnum Band and Dadou Pasquet

Legendary guitar player, Dadou Pasquet and magnum band

Armed with the compelling musical amalgam of the pop, jazz and soul that make up Konpa music, and their own sound filled with Haitian and Creole elements married to the kind of conscious, social lyrics only a few can write, Magnum Band and its singer/songwriter lead Dadou Pasquet, have cemented themselves in Haitian musical history.


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Luck Mervil, Crusader for Quebec Independence, Receives Honor

Canadian Haitian Luck Mervil

Luck Mervil began life in Port-au-Prince in 1967. By the time he began his music career in 1993, he had become a Canadian citizen. That year he released his debut single "Rude Luck". He followed up his initial success with two more singles "Two", released in 1995, and "Revolution", released on CD in 1998. He continued to record and released several albums: Aller Simple (1999), Luck Mervil (2000), Soul (2003), and Ti Peyi a (2009).

Beginning in 2000, he launched a film career with a part in "Betty Fisher et Autres Histories", playing the character François Diembele. In his second film, "Le Goût des Jeunes Filles", he both acted and wrote the score. His last film, made in 2004, "C'est pas Moi, C'est L'autre", he appeared in the role of Dieudonné.

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