Luck Mervil Singer, Actor, Humanitarian

Luck Mervil, a Haitian-Canadian singer-songwriter, was born in Port-au-Prince. He began his music career with RudeLuck during the early nineties. He began having success as an actor when he played Clopin as a member of the Notre-Dame de Paris acting troupe.

He was able to reprise his role when the show ran in Britain. He turned to film roles in 2001 making Betty Fisher and Other Stories.

He has become an advocate for Quebec independence, named Patriot of the Year by the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society.

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Djakout #1 in Little Haiti cultural Center, Friday January 17th

Djakout Mizik

We proud to announce that the popular Haitian Kompa band Djakout #1 will be at Lttle Haiti cultural center on Friday, January 17th from 6pm to 10pm and the event is free of charge.We are expecting a big crowd as these giants in the Haitian Kompa will give us a taste on how they will be performing this year in Carnival in Gonaives.

Djakout: Se Taw Taw!

Be among the first to have a preview of their "meringue Carnavalesque" for 21014. you will be able to evaluate whether or not T-vice will have "baton Nan Rou Li"

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New KING POSSE Kanaval 2014 "Teke Lawe"

Carnival In Haiti Ti Chapeau

We just received the new music video from KING POSSE Kanaval 2014 "Teke Lawe". This is for you to evaluate

We will be bringing you all the major Carnival for this year. Just stay tuned to Haiti Music video and you will know and have the opportunity to enjoy all the major "Meringue"

Here is New KING POSSE Kanaval 2014 "Teke Lawe"

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Tropical Singer Patrice Sylvestre, Slai

Slaï de son vrai nom Patrice Sylvestre.

Patrice Sylvestre of Guadeloupian parents was born in France, but was brought up in Guadeloupe.

In 1998, he issued a first album Fresh, and another under his stage name, Slaï. His popularity began in the Caribbean, where acclaim for his music resulted in prizes at the Tropical Music Awards. His celebrity crossed the ocean to France, where his music began a trend in tropical songs.

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T Vice - Ma Cherie Je Taime - Official Video

T-Vice Remains a Long-Time Fan Favorite

Compás band, T-Vice, has been riding the waves of success in the Caribbean for 22 years. Brothers Roberto and Reynaldo Martino formed the group, along with James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau. They use a mix of reggae, meringue, flamenco, and American rock to create their pop sound.

Their first album, Konpa Kontak, was an instant sensation, followed by Kité'm Viv, another chart-topper in 2006. T-Vice has worked with Carimi, rival band, Djakout Mizik, Wyclef Jean, and reggae singer, Buju Banton

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Jean Jean Roosevelt Gold Medalist in Nice

Haitian singer Jean Jean Roosevelt has won the Gold Medal at the Nice International Music Competition in France. His win has propelled him to international recognition. He has achieved success in Haiti with his hit "Donnez le Monde aux Femmes".

Upon his return, the media will be there to greet him and ply him with questions on his achievement. His public relations team is fielding requests for him to appear on radio and TV.

Jean Jean Roosevelt - Pourquoi ?

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The group ZIN - Live - Miami's Reunion

The Famous Haitian Kompa band is back. It has been performing in several place since their reunification. For the first time, you will have the opportunity to watch the new Zin live.

This is also an opportunity to rate the new band.

So what do you think?

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Spicy Zouk Singer Jocelyn Labylle

Jocelyne Labylle began life in Saint-Claude Guadeloupe in 1973. At age 19, she began her music career with Zouk group, Elodie, moving on to Zouk Orchestra in 1994.

As a solo performer, Jocelyn recorded "Quand tu Vieux" with Zouk musicians, releasing her first album, On Verra, shortly thereafter.

Her second album appeared in 2000, Ma Petite Lumière. In 2003, she released "Laisse Parler Les Gens", nominated for a music award. Her last album, Mour de Toi, was issued in 2012.

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Isnard Douby "Haiti Pa Jwen Kado"

Here is a song dedicated to all my friends who managed to put up with me for the past year. Please enjoy this beautiful song from Isnard Douby and the group System band "Haiti Pa Jwen Kado"

mezanmi, tonton Nwel pa pote kado pou mwen

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Vive Noel by Ekzotik

Here is a song dedicated to you specially for the Christmas season. It is the Official Video produced by Ekzotik - Vive Noel

Fete, bambile, celebre. Se yon seson pou tout moun kontan. retire tout chagrin nan ker ou

Joye Nwel

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