Djakout #1, CARNAVAL 2014 HAITI, Avili Yo

Haiti Kanaval 2014

I have the honor to be the first to announce that the Group Djakout #1 has just released its CARNAVAL 2014 HAITI

The name is Avili Yo

Here it is:

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Olivier Martelly kase Le Zo ft Roodboy and Top Adlerman

Haiti Kanaval 2014

Here is this year Kanaval from Olivier Martelly kase Le Zo. For Kanaval 2014, Olivier Martelly teamed up with Roodboy and Top Adlerman.

The video has just been released and it is a success.

It is your time to evaluate this new Kanaval from Olivier Martelly kase Le Zo ft Roodboy and Top Adlerman.

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Richie and Pipo Make Controversial Music Video

Group leader and vocalist-percussionist, Jean Herard Richard, has resigned from Zenglen. A long-time member, Richard, or more familiarly, Richie, decided he wanted a solo career.

He has joined with Pipo of KLASS and made the music video "You Don't Want Me". Criticism has been that no Haitian model was used in the video, which will make for a large and curious viewing audience.

Zenglen is auditioning a new singer to replace Richie, and work with Kenny Desmangles.

KOMPA - KLASS ( 'U Don't Want Me')

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Leta Loko - Kazek Defo Official Video Kanaval 2014

Haiti Kanaval 2014

Here is another hit Kanaval for this year. The group Leta Loko - Kazek Defo Official Video Kanaval 2014

The group has done it again with the release of their KANAVAL 2014 HAITI.

Last year, the young group Anbyans from Cap-Haitian was one of the best in performance for the Kanaval season in Cap-Haitian. They just released their Kanaval for this year and it sounds very good.

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Ali Angel every Caribbean Girl's Dream Lover

Parisian-based Zouk ballad singer, Ali Angel, is a fluent acoustic guitarist, who sings about young romantic love. Ali began life in Mexico, son of a Mexican father and Martiniquais mother.

Popular throughout the Caribbean, his good looks have prompted proposals from adoring female fans. Some of his recent releases have included "Juste Nous", "In My Life", Ali Angel-Rendezvous, "I Like", "Ali et Marisa", "Sexy Lady", Comme Ça", "Mwen Pare", "Zouk Bordel 2003", and "Come On".

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Carimi & Mikaben Kanaval 2014 "Eklate"

Haiti Kanaval 2014

We just received the Kanaval of the group Carimi. This year, the group performs with Mikaben Kanaval 2014 "Eklate" .

Your opinion counts regarding the new Kanavals that are being released by the various groups. Just like this major band Carimi, we are bringing you only the best or the release from the major Haitian bands.

It will be your responsibility to evaluate and rate each release. At the end, we will come up with the best Kanaval released for this year

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Arly Lariviere Going Solo with Nu-Look

Arly Larivière has made a decision to gain himself new fans and a higher profile in the music industry.

He is going solo with his newly re-formed band Nu-Look. Arly wants to re-arrange the band's signature song "Compás Love" and feels only he has the vision to do it.

He knows the stakes are high to re-create the magic of "Compás Love" when Nu-Look was first on the music scene, but he says "It's a risk worth taking."

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Solid Ice Latcha Mimi Kanaval 2014 Official Video

Haiti Kanaval 2014

Here is the best music video so far for the 2014 Kanaval. It is from the group Solid Ice Latcha and the song is titled Mimi Kanaval 2014 Official Video. After watching to this new video and listening to their song, you will likely be in the atmosphere of the Kanaval.

What is your plan for the Kanaval season? It is going to be something to remember in the city of Gonaives. Experience Kanaval in Haiti and you will be converted.

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Vwadezil- "N'ap Koupe Yo Fache" Kanaval 2014

Haiti Kanaval 2014

Here is one of the major Kanaval released for the 2014 season. This is Vwadezil- "N'ap Koupe Yo Fache" Kanaval 2014.

The Kanaval season is here and this is Vwadezil releasing its hit Kanaval for the year. Gonaives is the place to be in March 2014 as the population will be converging- "N'ap Koupe Yo Fache" Kanaval 2014

Vwadezil- "N'ap Koupe Yo Fache" Kanaval 2014 Gonaives

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Zouk's Evolution in the Caribbean

Zouk, a popular music form of the Caribbean, is comprised of West African and Carnival rhythms. It took hold during the 1980s.

French Créole figures prominently in the music, with a blend of Dominica and Haitian cadence styles.

Group Kassav' has been one of Zouk's main interpreters, mixing fast Zouk style with Compás. Zouk in Créole means, "shake intensely and repeatedly", but a "slow, soft, and sexual" rhythm also exists.

Well-known Zouk artists include Edith Lefel, Suzanna Lubrano, and Kaysha.

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