Tips for boys and girls on Valentin's Day

Valentine's Day, Love

Girls: When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold.
Guys: Automatically move closer to her.(If you're stupid, then you'll either say 'Me too.' or you'll give her your jacket...don't)

Girls: During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder.
Guys: Lift her chin up and kiss her.

Pou nou fanm Ayisyen: Se pa lè pou nou ap reproche li, di ke li pa konn afeksyon, se yon "Gro Soulye"

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Richie and Gracia Delva in St Valanten

Valentine's Day, Love

Here is a song that is most appropriate for the occasion. Richie - Gracia "St Valanten". Bel music, bel parol, gro atis.

Saint valentin, a day that was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages is now being celebrated in Haiti like in many places in the world

It is the time to celebrate love. With Richie and Gracia, we are celebrating it the Haitian style

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Ram - Carnaval 2014 - Se Pa Saw Te Di

Richard Auguste Morse  of RAM

There is no longer a reason to wait anymore. This comes with the late and surprising release of the 2014 Kanaval meringue from the group Ram. This is a bery beautiful kanaval as Ram stayed in a carnival anthem Kouzen zaka.

"Kouzen, nan pwen WOB pwen jipon"

The beautiful voice of their singer Lunise singing this year on a mixture of rabòday and petro.

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Haitian Folk song by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus

Haitian Kompas Music

Here is the video of a Haitian folk song being interpreted by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus. This group is tapping into the rich Haitian culture to bring out some of our most beautiful songs out for the world to enjoy.

This presentation was conducted on October 26th , 2013 by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus. The Director is Frank Bianchi.

My hope is that one day more Haitian would come to realize the dept of our culture and will com to appreciate more what wh have to offer

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Klass - Pitit Deyo - Live

Here is one of the latest from Klass - Pitit Deyo - Live. I think this is one of the songs you will enjoy.

The song has a very god message in it. It is about the parents with children who were born outside of the marriage. I guess the message from Richie will get through to you.

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Skandal by Tvice - 2014 Kanaval Just In

Skandal by Tvice – 2014 Kanaval

Mezanmi, problem pap janm fini nan payi sa. Na kanaval sa T-Vice apenn lage la, se pa de kose.

Ti mesye T-Vice yo profite pou avili Ti Regi.
Kile yo te champion anko? Bann Ti kriye!!!! Men bon frap nan bounda'n.. ak djazz vakans nou an lol

T-Vice - Skandal, Kanaval 2014 . Se yon mizik zen apre zen. Soti sou viza djaz la, rive sou madan pouchon ki t'al Bahamas avèk yon lòt neg. Pouchon fache e li plen li ak tabòk,

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Mwen Twonpe'm - Frajil Mizik - Compas Music

Here is the new Music video from Frajil Mizik - Mwen Twonpe'm - Frajil Mizik - Compas Music. This is worth listening. After reviewing the song i judges it is necessary for you to see this one.

Map felicite ti mesye sa yo ki te pro di bel video sa. Mwen Twonpe'm - Frajil Mizik. Mwen ta rinmin ou bam opinyo de li

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Video of 2014 CaRiMi Kanaval - Just Released

Carimi Mikaban - Kanaval 2014

Here is the Video of the 2014 Kanaval of the group CARIMI. It is fantastic. This is actually the first major Video release from a major musical group for the 2014 Kanaval

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List of Musical groups to participate In 2014 kanaval Released

Haiti Kanaval 2014

There is no more rumors. The Official list of the musical bands that will be part of the 2014 Kanaval in Gonaives has been released. Like many who have been waiting, the question is: "Is Brother's Posse in?

No, King Posse is not in it. Don Kato will probably not even be allowed to travel to Gonaives during the three days.

Here is the complete list of who are in:

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Brothers Posse of Don kato, Kanaval 2014, Show Show net

Don kato, Kanaval 2014, Show Show net

Don Kako just released its 2014 Kanaval, Show Show Net. The release took place this Sunday, February 2nd, in Radio Caraibes. Don kato in an interview at Radio Caraibes on Sunday January 2nd released its Kanaval for 2014.

Will they give him a "Sha" this year?. Based on the message on his Kanaval 2014, that is likely not to happen.

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