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Haiti Direct is a tremendous compilation of music that span nearly twenty years between 1960 and 1978 during the regime of "Papa" and "Baby" Doc Duvalier. It reflects the numerous musical movements that happened during the period. Haiti Direct has an extensive style variation in both vocal and instrumental forms. You do not have to be an expert to appreciate its form of music. You can feel and choose which goes well as party music or apt for street festivals or night parties and many more. The compilation is the true sound of the Caribbean. It is one of the first international in-depth explorations of exciting Haitian music, a reminiscence of overlooked Haitian musical legacy beyond Ra-Ra and voodoo influence, rich in classic material from the early days of Les Freres Déjean and Tabou Combo with some masterpieces from lesser known groups as well. You can hear the sound of 'Compas' (Compas direct or Konpa dirèk in Creole). It is the national music genre of Haiti that people have been singing and dancing since the 1800s.

"Mini-jazz" was formed in the middle of 1960s in rock band formula of two guitars, drum-conga-cowbell and one bass, often played with either a full horn section / an alto sax or accordion, keyboard or lead guitar. "Twoubadou" is one form of popular guitar based Haitian genre music. The name "Twoubadou" came from a medieval poet-musician who used to compose and sang songs about courtly love.

Haiti Direct is a compilation by Hugo Mendez of Sofrito. It is an entry point to the varieties of musical styles and interesting fusions produced in Haiti during 1960-1978. It features Les Animateurs, Les Vikings, Raoul Guillaume, Scorpio Universal, Orchestre Septentrional and more.

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