Festival in Haiti


This year, the flavor of Guadeloupe was featured with the invitation of M'Bitako, a prolific storyteller who captivated the crowd with an insight into the literary world of Guadeloupe. Also able to showcase their work were Chelson Ermoza and Staloff Tropfort, also known as "Estalove Wòklò" on the first night. The 25th also featured a performance from Dieuvela Etienne of "Symbi Roots" (ex-Rara fanm).

Last year, the celebration had featured Mimi Barthélémy, whose works, Dis-moi des Chansons d'Haïti, Contes Diaboliques d'Haïti, and La Reine des Poissons, among others, had been shown the spotlight in commemoration of her life. This year, while the focus shifts to other literary artists, the potential of the event to draw awareness to Haitian storytelling only grew.

Deciding that the festival should not be set in any one venue, the organizers made the bold decision to have the festival take place on street corners, in public squares and even on sidewalks, further bringing the art form to the people. This year, a sidewalk was the preferred venue, and the organizers have decided to keep the precedent of moving out of more conventional spaces.

This year, Rara was added with the production of "Symbi Roots". Also added was slam, with "Feu vers", and "Troupe Nous Théâtre" from Guy Régis Junior.

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