Fabrice Rouzier, Mover and Shaker in Haitian Music Industry


Part of a seminal movement, he became instrumental in cultivating Nouvelle Generation Konpa, helping such music artists as Emeline Michel, Belo, and Michel Martelly emerge onto the music scene. A potent music force, Rouzier also was the genius behind Haiti Troubadours CD compilation, which he recorded at the new Soleil Sound studio. Always looking for new musical horizons, he recorded balladeers Jude Jean and Tifane, helping to make their careers.

The Music Video:
Hotel California, kompa Version - Eagles & Fabrice Rouzier

Recalling his life, he reminisces about Haiti's gorgeous beaches, an ardent love of soccer, and Haiti's people ". . . beautiful people--inside and out." Rouzier's music is available at local Haitian music outlets.

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