Arly Lariviere Apologizes to Fans, Again


According to him, it was raining that evening and his groups' instruments were malfunctioning. The equipment was shutting down intermittently. The crowd grew restive and numbers of them began ascending to the stage, pulling the plugs on basses and guitars. At one point, the show was stopped for 45 minutes. His frustrations eventually got the better of him and he exploded, hurling the microphone to the floor. The video did not show the shenanigans of audience members, as it was focused on the star performer, Arly.

Arly explains his ". . . strong desire to please . . . fans that sacrifice their time and money to see you perform . . ." He adds the combination of ". . . natural and man-made occurrences" sent him over the edge, and he was sorry for his behavior.

But there are those who say Arly has lost his temper before; it is a habitual behavior of his. They want to set the record straight they are fed up with his unprofessional attitude.

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